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Le Populaire du centre : OffshoreSpirit, since that is the name of their group, was unanimously approved. Victor's virtuosity on the dry guitar, Caroline's voice and beautiful energy, and bilingual, French, English and well-chiselled texts have won over audiences and professionals alike. 



Le Petit Journal : "It was a great show in every respect."


Mango surf : The harmonious sound of the trio, the catchy melodies and the solos will please all the neophytes in music, as well as the more experienced ears.


Flash Fm : The group conquered the professional jury and won the first prize.


Liquid DVD : Liquid was immediately seduced by the freshness and accuracy of their melodies. Their creativity and style reflect their attachment to the sea, travel, and of course, music. Congratulations, your music perfectly matches the values that our passion conveys: surfing.  

Liquid DVD Magazine n°2


Magazine de la Luna, Bayonne : Offshore had seduced by its fishing, its faith, its freshness.


Journal sud Ouest : The group seduced the audience with their personal compositions and rhythmic covers.


DWM Music company, Iowa, USA Both the brother and sister (in this band) were inspired by the Anglo-Saxon, middle current surf in which they began to play, and Victor Mauger has added his gypsy-flavored, guitar. Discovering their compound in a universe full influences, Offshorespirit mines a beach sound with vocals. There's a definite spirt on this CD that is alive and well. It embodies both a sense of the shore along with a bit of a haunting undertow. This is a hard one to pigeon-hole, but that could be the factor that makes this CD stand out and away from the crowd. Eclectic for sure, Offshorespirit works their way through five songs of a somewhat rock-surf-poppy nature.





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