Technical Infos



Style : 
acoustic Pop / Folk / Latino.


Composition :
2 to 3 musicians 
1 production manager and artistic director.
Optional: 1 photographer / videographer


Duration :
from 45 min. to 1h30.


Show :
1 large + 1 small bottle of water on stage and in a dressing room.


Parking :
Provide a parking space to unload the equipment and park for free.


Catering :
No pork.


Stage :
Sound system available for small rooms. 
For larger places, provide a complete sound and lighting system.
Provide if possible a storage/lodge area close to the stage, with a bottle of water, glasses, and seating.


Bio event :
Offshorespirit is an acoustic acoustic guitar-voice musical journey, between sung and instrumental compositions, which begins with sounds reminiscent of certain Coldplay or Lene Marlyn songs going as far as the tunes heard on the roads of Folk (Amy McDonald) through Latin rhythms such as those of Tamacun de Rodrigo and Gabriella. 
Brother and sister, Victor and Caroline grew up in the music scene in the Paris region following their singing mother, immersing themselves in a wide variety of musical styles, then leaving school to travel and very quickly starting to represent themselves. Today, they no longer count the scenes, events and concerts they have performed since their debut. They have since recorded 4 albums including one instrumental one.


The name of the group is written "OffshoreSpirit".

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